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Quote: 2; Rating: -1; [+|-]
* DJSWEEN puts on hardhat
* rortom puts on redhat
* +petern puts hat on hardon
Quote: 3; Rating: 14; [+|-]
<ror_jd4440> can any1 HELP ME WWITH SOMTHING
* Bonehead sets mode: +b *!*@
* ror_jd4440 was kicked by Q (Banned.)
<@Bonehead> fuck you
Quote: 4; Rating: -5; [+|-]
<CountryBoy4Ever> im gonna add flares to a truck but...
<CountryBoy4Ever> SKP7 has no exporter kart
<KART35> try to find a copy of 6
<CountryBoy4Ever> i need to import the lightbar
<tdev> x|
<KART35> ^
<tdev> did i hear lightbar
<KART35> yes, you did
*tdev getz the ligthbarz
<CountryBoy4Ever> um duh?
<CountryBoy4Ever> lol
<Squishy> LIGHTBARZ!!
Quote: 5; Rating: -19; [+|-]
<OzzX> i think im enjoying the granny porn now
Quote: 6; Rating: -21; [+|-]
<leon112233> Dennis-W?
<Dennis-W> :|
<leon112233> Do you like fishsticks?
<Dennis-W> jah
<Dennis-W> :|
<leon112233> Do you like to put them in your mouth?
<Dennis-W> yea
<Dennis-W> :|
<leon112233> So youre a gayfish
<leon112233> :D
<Dennis-W> you like my penis?
<leon112233> Nah
<Dennis-W> you like to put it in your mouth
<leon112233> nah
<leon112233> :P
<Dennis-W> it was no question :|
<leon112233> ...
<leon112233> :|
Quote: 7; Rating: 1; [+|-]
donoteat: fap fap fap fap
donoteat: fap fap fap Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap
donoteat: Fap Fap Fap FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP
donoteat: FAP! FAP FAP FAP!!!
donoteat: RIIIIIIIIIP *snap*
donoteat: OH GOD HELP ME
Quote: 8; Rating: 0; [+|-]
<Kristian> we tax for the weight, hp/kw, CO2 (g/km), age, value
<fourstar> so basically, norway bends you over, rapes you, and takes your money?
<donoteat> sorta like OzzX
<Kristian> it cuts your balls off before it rapes you
<donoteat> even more like OzzX
<Kristian> and then forces you to eat them
<donoteat> you sure OzzX isn't in charge over there?
<Kristian> maybe he is D:
Quote: 9; Rating: -13; [+|-]
* @Darkwish rapes donoteat
<@donoteat> by you?
<@donoteat> what
<@donoteat> does not compute
<@Darkwish> IN YOUR FACE
<@Darkwish> :|
<@Mpitzimpitzidhs> |:
* @Darkwish slaps Mpitzimpitzidhs around a bit with a large trout
<@donoteat> insert floppy into drive D: to continue
<@donoteat> :|
* buddy thinks darkwish found an alcoholic beverage
<@Darkwish> Dont get jealus now
<KART35|iPod> www shiat
<@Darkwish> :p
* @Darkwish things buddy will be raped again
<@Darkwish> Poor buddy
* @Darkwish rapes buddy
* @Mpitzimpitzidhs slaps Darkwish with his mobile phone
* @Darkwish rapes buddyo.o
<fourstar> It doesnt seem to be his day.
* @Mpitzimpitzidhs rapes buddy too...
<@Mpitzimpitzidhs> Darkwish buddy is mine...
<@Darkwish> :|
<@Darkwish> No
<@Mpitzimpitzidhs> yes
* @Darkwish rapes Mpitzimpitzidhs in revenge
* @Mpitzimpitzidhs rapes 4 times darkwish :D
<@Mpitzimpitzidhs> 4
<@Mpitzimpitzidhs> 4
<@Darkwish> O.o
<@Darkwish> 4
<@Darkwish> <3
<@Mpitzimpitzidhs> :p
<KART35|iPod> so you did?
<@Aperion> wow y ou guys are good friends
* @Darkwish inserts 4 floopy drives into donoteat's anus
Quote: 11; Rating: -15; [+|-]
[21:51] <Box5> you can't fuck a ugly chic with a good body
[21:51] <Box5> because they're still considered a pig
Quote: 12; Rating: -5; [+|-]
<Squishy_> out of curiosity, does your own dick turn you on?
<BigDaddy1d> LAWL.. no
Quote: 13; Rating: -10; [+|-]
<Squishy_> any of you seen that?
<Squishy_> fuckin hilarious
<Box5> if it's your mom on her back
<Box5> then yes
<Box5> I have
Quote: 14; Rating: -16; [+|-]
<Box5> 72 virgins would be alot of "ouch, slower"
<fourstar> xD
<Box5> I want 72 whores
<Box5> xD
Quote: 15; Rating: -13; [+|-]
<Kristian> I'm like a womans fart
<Kristian> You never hear me
<Kristian> but it stinks like hell
Quote: 16; Rating: -8; [+|-]
donoteat: also, graphics are what god/buddha/vishnu/allah (praise be to his holy name) made adobe fireworks for
donoteat: and thus god spoke
donoteat: "let the users of the internet share the data through peer-to-peer networking!"
donoteat: and god made bittorrent on the eighth day
donoteat: and he saw that it was good
Quote: 17; Rating: -19; [+|-]
<+Bonehead-> 50cm is over the head on a normal kristian
<@Kristian> atleast I'm not giving head like you're doing.
Quote: 18; Rating: -10; [+|-]
<buddy> its quiet, too quiet
* OzzX rapes buddy
<buddy> great now its quiet and infected with STD's
Quote: 20; Rating: -2; [+|-]
=-= Simtractorrocks was booted from #rigsofrodsofftopic  by donoteat (well I dunno)
=-= Simtractorrocks was booted from #rigsofrodsofftopic by donoteat (I'm just doing this because it gets a good reaction with the rest of the channel)
=-= Simtractorrocks was booted from #rigsofrodsofftopic by donoteat (it's nothing personal)
=-= Simtractorrocks was booted from #rigsofrodsofftopic by donoteat (it's just part of a great channel popularity contest)
=-= Simtractorrocks was booted from #rigsofrodsofftopic by donoteat (i.e. the more I kick you, the cooler I am)
=-= Simtractorrocks was booted from #rigsofrodsofftopic by donoteat (we can describe this relationship mathematically)
=-= Simtractorrocks was booted from #rigsofrodsofftopic by donoteat (assume "y" = number of kicks)
=-= Simtractorrocks was booted from #rigsofrodsofftopic by donoteat (and x = how cool I am)
=-= Simtractorrocks was booted from #rigsofrodsofftopic by donoteat (so we can now construct an eqation)
=-= Simtractorrocks was booted from #rigsofrodsofftopic by donoteat (x = 100(y^-1))
=-= Simtractorrocks was booted from #rigsofrodsofftopic by donoteat (therefore)
=-= Simtractorrocks was booted from #rigsofrodsofftopic by donoteat (as I kick you further)
=-= Simtractorrocks was booted from #rigsofrodsofftopic by donoteat (I get cooler exponentially)
=-= Simtractorrocks was booted from #rigsofrodsofftopic by donoteat (until a certain limit)
=-= Simtractorrocks was booted from #rigsofrodsofftopic by donoteat (at which point my coolness is maxed out)
Quote: 21; Rating: -8; [+|-]
<OzzX> bet ya ten bucks of jerald saw my truck at night his black bat ass would be hanging under it when i got up the next morning
<OzzX> that would be fucked up
<OzzX> walk outside to get the mail
<OzzX> look at my truck
<OzzX> WTF
<OzzX> theres a bat under the nigga porch on my truck
<OzzX> run back to get the hose
<OzzX> run back to the truck and go to turn the hose on and hear a voice from the bat "THERE BETTER BE SOME KOOLAID OR WATERMELLON COMIN OUT DAT HOSE OR I B COMIN FOR YOU LIEK LEROY ON A CROTCH ROCKET!"
Quote: 22; Rating: -4; [+|-]
<ASBOULAPE> I am 55 years old, i'm grey, and most people in here don't even have pubes...
Quote: 23; Rating: -16; [+|-]
<Darkwish> Clown-- better be fapping, we ain't doing this for nothing...
* Clown-- sets ban on *!*@
<-- Clown-- has kicked Darkwish from #RigsOfRodsOfftopic (nope i'm banning :D)
Quote: 24; Rating: -7; [+|-]
* Beolex has joined #RigsOfRodsOfftopic
* Beolex looks left
* Beolex looks right
<Beolex> any sight of OzzX?
* Dennis-W rapes Beolex
<Beolex> ...
* Beolex has left #RigsOfRodsOfftopic
Quote: 25; Rating: -1; [+|-]
Quote: 26; Rating: -10; [+|-]
KART35: there needs to be a way to bash images
KART35: case in point:;topic=1484.0;attach=346773;image
Quote: 27; Rating: -9; [+|-]
<Kristian> and then cry a bit when the new ones wont work
<Kristian> and then just go watch some azn pr0n, and then try again
<@Betzi> what are you talking about?
<Kristian> and then give up when it wont work
<Kristian> and then just pay someone to do it for you
<Kristian> tbh, I have no idea wtf I'm talking about
<@Betzi> hell
<Kristian> I'm just writing a bunch of random jibberish
<@Betzi> I noticed
<Kristian> some azn pr0n would be nice tho
<@Betzi> zomg
<Kristian> betzi just googled it
<Kristian> :|
<Kristian> to see what I was talking about
<Kristian> since he didnt know what azn pr0n is
<@Betzi> so
<@Betzi> how does it work?
<Kristian> you just put on a vid, and then start fappin.
<Kristian> oh wait, you're talking about that dds thingy?
Quote: 29; Rating: -6; [+|-]
<+Madmike> my log just ends with stream not found
Quote: 30; Rating: 5; [+|-]
<Dennis-W> I play teh pussy like a piano
<TheAdmiester> Dennis: Badly and loudly
Quote: 31; Rating: 1; [+|-]
<Dennis-W> do you think i'm gay?
<@Madmike> we don't think, we know
Quote: 32; Rating: 14; [+|-]
<@donoteat> well, I'd like to be able to blow things occasionally
<@donoteat> MOTHERFUCKER
Quote: 33; Rating: -6; [+|-]
<Fat-Alfie> he's pretending to be fat
<Fat-Alfie> he stole someone else's fat, and strapped it to his own body
Quote: 34; Rating: -5; [+|-]
<@Madmike> <ST95> sure
<@Madmike> <ST95> I'll be everybody's bitch tonight
<Dieselmaster> bahaha
<Dieselmaster> he is everybody's bitch everynight
Quote: 35; Rating: 0; [+|-]
<Dieselmaster>  women don't need driver licenses last time I checked there wasn't a road from the bed to the kitchen :/
Quote: 36; Rating: -9; [+|-]
<donoteat> For a second I thought it was a Studebaker and I jizzed in my pants.
<donoteat> Then I saw that it was a Ford and I unjizzed. (it was quite painful, I assure you.)
<donoteat> Still a very nice mesh, though.
Quote: 37; Rating: -8; [+|-]
(S-u-s-h-i) have you seen the dirt 3 teaser trailer?
Join» (Betzi) (
Mode» (Q) sets (+o Betzi)
(VitoCorleone) no
(@Betzi) NO!!!
(@Betzi) :|
Part» (Betzi) ( (Verlassend)
Quote: 38; Rating: -17; [+|-]
<Dieselmaster> incognito: who are you |:
<Beolex> hes the incognito
<incognito> i am incognito
<Beolex> we can clearly see the .NL
<Beolex> NL = Netherlands
<Dieselmaster> he's incognito because he is hiding from the nutlands police
<Dieselmaster> because he had sex with a 12 year old
<Dieselmaster> all makes sense now
Quote: 39; Rating: -12; [+|-]
Smew makes a mess on offtopic's new carpet
KART35|iPod: we had new carpet?
KART35|iPod: either way
EdTheNerd: Ya, we shaved Kristians sisters back
KART35|iPod: this is- nvm then
Quote: 40; Rating: -8; [+|-]
(S-u-s-h-i) anyways
(S-u-s-h-i) when you start a arguement with donoteat
(S-u-s-h-i) donoteat wins 110% of the time
(@donoteat) no
(Dennis-W) who?
(@donoteat) I've lost arguments once or twice
(@donoteat) :|
(S-u-s-h-i) :|
(S-u-s-h-i) 100% of the time*
(@donoteat) more like 98%
(@donoteat) at least on the internet
(Dennis-W) I suck pussy 99% of the time
(Dennis-W) :|
(itzbuddy) 12 year old pussy
(@donoteat) ^
(+Dieselmaster) ^
(Dennis-W) so what
(Dennis-W) you can't call me gay no more >: D
Quote: 41; Rating: -11; [+|-]
<+Dieselmaster> I used to grow out some straggly shit when I was a sophomore
<+Dieselmaster> I grow real shit, but I just keep it shaved
<+madmike> Dieselmaster
<+madmike> I have more hair growing wild around my butthole than you do on your face
Quote: 42; Rating: -3; [+|-]
[13:32] -->| asyed ( has joined #rigsofrods
[13:32] <Bonehead-> So Asyed...
[13:32] <Bonehead-> My behaviour was inappropriate...
[13:32] <Bonehead-> I'm sorry
[13:33] <Bonehead-> or wait
[13:33] <Bonehead-> no I'm not
[13:33] =-= Mode #RigsOfRods +b *!* by Bonehead-
[13:33] =-= asyed was booted from #rigsofrods by Bonehead- (asyed)
Quote: 43; Rating: 4; [+|-]
[23:46] <ror_gamer> ok w/ee that is?
[23:46] <ror_gamer> what is it?
[23:47] * Dieselmaster finds his Glock 21
[23:47] * Dieselmaster raises to his head
[23:47] <ror_gamer> idk what web2.0 is :(
[23:47] * Dieselmaster gently pulls the trigger
[23:47] =-= Dieselmaster is now known as user
[23:47] |<-- user has left quakenet (G-lined)
Quote: 44; Rating: -9; [+|-]
<ror_gamer> n waht are tits?
Quote: 45; Rating: -17; [+|-]
[00:20] <ror_gamer> n waht are tits?
[00:20] <Kristian> facedesk :|
[00:21] <Kristian> GUYZ
[00:21] <Kristian> waht are tits??????
[00:21] <ror_gamer> what?
[00:21] <ror_gamer> yeah what are they?
Quote: 46; Rating: -7; [+|-]
[21:57] <Jerald> my bitch bad
[21:57] <Jerald> my bitch hood
[21:58] <Jerald> my bitch do shit you bitch wish she could
[21:58] <Jerald> my bitch bad badder badder than urz
[21:58] <VitoCorleone> my bitch bladder fatter than urz
[21:58] <VitoCorleone> :|
[21:58] <Jerald> i feal sorry for you
[21:59] <VitoCorleone> xD
Quote: 47; Rating: -20; [+|-]
<Beolex> how about VIP Escort?
<donoteat> :|
<Beolex> from different MP servers
<Beolex> just incase one of the insurgents try to crash your vehicle
<Beolex> or spam you in MP
<Beolex> ...
*** Q sets mode +o on donoteat
*** Beolex has been kicked by donoteat (donoteat)
Quote: 48; Rating: -5; [+|-]
<asyed> itzbuddy:  PICS OR GTFO
itzbuddy [] has left #RigsOfRodsOfftopic
Quote: 49; Rating: -19; [+|-]
Pedrobear: I hear penis pumps snap cocks off frequently
asyed: ive had it happpend
Quote: 50; Rating: -15; [+|-]
(crazyjoe) .calc sushi's dick
(sanobird) crazyjoe: could not calculate sushi's dick
(crazyjoe) :|
(S-u-s-h-i) :|
Quote: 51; Rating: -8; [+|-]
<VitoCorleone> i <3 house music so much
<VitoCorleone> especially house music with piano
<Rixens> dont say piano. >.>
<VitoCorleone> why
<Dieselmaster> because the slave driver that brought Rixen over here bent his mother over the piano the other night and her long titties tickled the ivories and kept him up all night
<VitoCorleone> oh lawd
Quote: 52; Rating: -9; [+|-]
<Bonehead-> Condoms are generally good at protecting you from stuff like that. :|
<Jacob1029> and they taste nice
Quote: 53; Rating: -11; [+|-]
<EdTheMau5> .seen Dennis-W with someone over age 12
<sanobird> EdTheMau5: I've never seen Dennis-W with someone over age 12
Quote: 54; Rating: -12; [+|-]
[15:02] <Buttlamo> are you aloud to be stoned during school owers
[15:02] <Buttlamo> hours*
[15:02] <Buttlamo> why the fuck did i say owers
[15:02] <Buttlamo> :|
[15:02] <Kristian> because you're stoned
[15:02] <Buttlamo> ...
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